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Stronger, Faster, Simpler - Now Better Than Ever with NEW Windows Based XP Control.

Superb Design & Construction

Fixed bed traveling column design. Rigid, heavily ribbed high-grade Meehanite castings. Reinforced water-cooled lower arm is made of high-strength alloy for maximum stiffness.

Premium Grade Components

Ultra-precise direct-couple drive system - no belts.  Fine pitch, ultra fine-finish ball screws and high resolution servo motors with 4 millionths resolution.  Glass scales.

Leading Edge Electronics

Electrolysis-free machining.  Digital Power Manager Technology.  Superb accuracies and finishes up to RA 0.3um.

Windows Based XP Control

Feature-packed control is easy-to-use, versatile and has a large 15” easy-to-read, full color touch screen display.

Intelligent Servo Controlled Wire Threading Technology

Saves time, easy to use - threads at wire break point.  No need to return to start point.  Under 10 second spark-to-spark time with total reliability!