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Detailed Specifications


Item Unit Specification
Table Travel (X & Y Axis) In. 19.7 x 11.8
Z Axis Travel In. 10.2
U & V Axis Travel In. 4.7 x 4.7
Table Feed Rate In./Min. 0 - 51.1
Maximum Taper Angle Standard AWT Deg. ± In. 30 / 3.9
Maximum Workpiece Size ( X, Y, Z) In. 33.5 x 23.6 x 10.0
Maximum Workpiece Weight Lbs. 2645
Automatic Wire Thread System Standard
Wire Diameter In. .004 - .012
Wire Feed Rate In./Min. 0 - 590
Wire Tension Grams 300 - 2200
Start Hole Size In. 0.020
Maximum Wire Spool Weight Lbs. 22.0
Heidenhain Linear Glass Scales .000004" Resolution
Axis Drive Motors X, Y Linear Shaft Motor
Positioning Accuracy In. 0.0001
Machine Weight Lbs. 7055


Tank Capacity Gal. 295
Paper Filter (Cartridge Type) Quantity 2
Deionized (Resin Tank) Cu. Ft. Cu. Ft. 1
Cooling Unit Chiller Standard


Discharge Power Circuit AC MOSFET Standard
Application Specific Integrated Circuit ASIC Standard
Anti-Electrolysis Power Supply Standard
DPM-Digital Power Manager Standard
SFC- Super Finish Circuit Optional
Modular PC Board Design Standard
Input Power Supply V 220 V + 5%, 3 Phase, 60 HZ
KVA 13


Item Specification
Control Device 64 Bit Windows XP Based IPC
Screen Display 15" Color Touch Screen, Mouse Input Integrated
Memory Capacity Ram: 512 MB, Hard Drive: CF 1024 MB
Controlled Axis X, Y, Z, U, V ( 5 Axis Simultaneous)
6th Axis Simultaneous: X, Y, Z, U, V, Plus A, B, C Axis (optional)
Least Input Increment 0.000004 In.
Least Command Increment 0.000004 In.
Input/Output Interface Keyboard, RS-232c, Ethernet, USB Port
Servo Control System Full-Closed Loop
Interpolation Linear, Circular
Maximum Programmable Dimension 999.99999 In.
Command Unit Inch/Metric Switchable
Scaling 0 to 9.9999 times
Figure Rotation 360 deg.
Mirror Image Independent X and Y Axis
Wire Diameter Compensation 0 -   9.99999 In.