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Detailed Specifications


Item Unit Specification
Table Travel (X & Y Axis) In. 31.5 x 19.7
Z Axis Travel In. 16.1 (13.8)
U & V Axis Travel In. 6.3 x 6.3
Table Feed Rate In./Min. 0 - 51.1
Maximum Taper Angle Standard AWT Deg. ± In. 30 / 3.9
45 (optional)
Maximum Workpiece Size ( X, Y, Z) In. 43.3 x 33.5 x 15.9
Maximum Workpiece Weight Lbs. 3,800
Automatic Wire Thread System Standard
Wire Diameter In. .004 - .012
Wire Feed Rate In./Min. 0 - 590
Wire Tension Grams 300 - 2,200
Start Hole Size In. 0.02
Maximum Wire Spool Weight Lbs. 22.0 (optional 100)
Heidenhain Linear Glass Scales .000004" Resolution
Positioning Accuracy In. 0.0001
Machine Weight Lbs. 10,141


Tank Capacity Gal. 277
Paper Filter (Cartridge Type) Quantity 3
Deionized (Resin Tank) Cu. Ft. Cu. Ft. 1
Cooling Unit Chiller Standard


Discharge Power Circuit AC MOSFET Standard
Application Specific Integrated Circuit ASIC Standard
Anti-Electrolysis Power Supply Standard
DPM-Digital Power Manager Standard
SFC- Super Finish Circuit N/A
Modular PC Board Design Standard
Input Power Supply V 220 V + 5%, 3 Phase, 60 HZ
KVA 13


Item Specification
Control Device 64 Bit Windows XP Based IPC
Screen Display 15" Color Touch Screen, Mouse Input Integrated
Memory Capacity Ram: 512 MB, Hard Drive: CF 1024 MB
Controlled Axis X, Y, Z, U, V ( 5 Axis Simultaneous)
6th Axis Simultaneous: X, Y, Z, U, V, Plus A, B, C Axis (optional)
Least Input Increment 0.000004 In.
Least Command Increment 0.000004 In.
Input/Output Interface Keyboard, RS-232c, Ethernet, USB Port
Servo Control System Full-Closed Loop
Interpolation Linear, Circular
Maximum Programmable Dimension 999.99999 In.
Command Unit Inch/Metric Switchable
Scaling 0 to 9.9999 times
Figure Rotation 360 deg.
Mirror Image Independent X and Y Axis
Wire Diameter Compensation 0 -   9.99999 In.